Please note, This schedule is now for NAAM YOGA AZ.  As of 3/29/14 We will be located at 2820 E University Dr in Mesa.





MONDAY                                                                         ​
7:30a-8:45a Alive & Shine Gentle Flow (Dawna)
9:00a-10:15a Expand & Grow Vinyasa (Joy)
10:30a-11:45a Yin Yoga (Joy)
12:00p-1:00p Shakti NAAM (Nicole)
4:00p-5:15p Align & Refine (Kaitlin)
5:30p-6:45p Cardio NAAM YOGA (Nicole) ​
7:00p-8:15p Candlelight Restorative Yoga (Nicole)
9:00a-10:15a NAAM Yoga (Nicole)​
10:30a-11:45a Healing Hands Therapy Yoga (Dawna)
4:15p-5:15p NAAM Yoga Therapies for Emotional Balance
                                               & Depression (Nicole)
5:30p-6:45p Chakra Warrior Flow (Nicole)
7:00p-8:15p Yoga Foundations (Nicole)  ​

7:30-8:45a Alive & Shine Gentle Flow (Dawna)
9a-10:15a Expand & Grow Vinyasa (Joy)
10:30a-11:45a Yoga Foundations (Joy)
12:00p-1:00p Shakti NAAM (Nicole) CANCELLED 7/30/14
4:00p-5:15p Align & Refine (Kaitlin)
5:30p-6:45p The Five Tibetan Rites (Nicole)
7:00p-8:15p Candlelight Restorative Yoga (Nicole
9:00a-10:15a NAAM Yoga (Nicole)
10:30a-11:45a Healing Hands Therapy Yoga (Dawna)
5:30p-6:45p Chakra Warrior Flow (Nicole)
7:00p-8:15p Yoga Foundations (Nicole)​     ​

8:00a-9:15a LIVEly Flow w/ Yoga Nidra (Rachael)
9:30a-10:45a Hatha Gong Flow (Shasta)
12:15p-1:15p Yoga Lunch Express (Nikki)
4:00P-5:15p NAAM Yoga (Nicole)
​5:30p-6:45p Conscious Flow (Nikki)​
The Following Friday night events are an additional fee &
AREN''T Included in class packs:
7:00p-8:30p Gong Immersion & Sound Bowl Meditation--Every 1st Friday​
(Nicole)  $10
7:00p-8:30p NAAM YOGA Meditation & Sound Bowl Healing--Every 2nd Friday
(Nicole)  $10

7:00p-8:30p Yoga Nidra & Meditation -- Every 3rd  Friday​ (Lisa)  $10
7:00p-8:30pm Crystal Healing & Sound Meditation - Every 4th Friday (Nicole)  $15


7:30a-8:45a Alive & Shine Gentle Yoga ( Rachael)
9:00a-10:15a Expand & Grow Vinyasa (Jeanne)
10:30a-11:45p Yin/ Restorative Yoga (Jeanne)
9:30a-10:45a Soulful SUNday Flow (All Levels) (Joy)
11:00a-12:15p NAAM Yoga (Nicole)
12:30P-1:15P Naam Banis Meditation (Nicole) ** starts May 1st **
In this seated meditation, you will chant a precise arrangement of sacred mantra from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib that has been organized and chosen by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry( Founder of NAAM Yoga) specifically for its healing impact. We will add mudras (hand gestures) to the mantra to maximize the benefit. No experience is necessary. Words to the mantra are provided. The practice of singing these healing mantras have brought a state of health to people suffering from a diverse range of conditions.​

 NAAM Yoga AZ Schedule

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