Nicole Lynn Coyle

NICOLE is a Native New Yorker recently making her home in Arizona. Her interest in mysticism and a search for a greater connection was sparked by her Catholic upbringing. Nicole first stepped onto a mat in college in 1991 and has never left. Humbled by the great gift of awareness that reveals itself through the practice of yoga and Bhakti, Nicole set out on a new path of light. She felt after sleepwalking through several years of disconnection and inner turmoil, yoga sparked the vital connection to the Divine she was missing.


Nicole is currently owner/director of Naam Yoga Arizona. She is a Naam Yoga Therapist and teacher of Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam), her spiritual mentor.  Currently,  she is the only certified NAAM Yoga teacher in Arizona. She believes that through the vibration of NAAM, one learns how to live from the heart and not the head.
Committed to soulful living, Nicole is devoted to serving the infinite, creative force of the Universe. Believing in the unlimited individual and collective capacity for healing and growth, she is dedicated to offering a sacred space for others to access their infinite potential.
Nicole brings elements of unconditional Love, Devotion, and heart-centered being into each class, inspiring students to honor their bodies, souls and ultimately their TRUTH; by helping them realize that the DIVINE resides in themselves and all living beings…that at our purest form we are ONLY LOVE.
Her classes are raw, energetic, spiritually grounded and often playful, focusing on breaking down walls and busting open hearts. By weaving chanting, mudra, meditation, asana and pranayama into each class, Nicole hopes to fulfill her goal of enabling her students to fill their hearts with light and experience the true happiness that results from being united with their God-given selves.

In addition to NAAM, Nicole currently teaches Jivamukti Yoga as taught by David Life & Sharon Gannon, Restorative, Anahata Flow, Meditation, and leads monthly Gong Immersion Meditations and Universal Kabbalah Workshops at Naam Yoga AZ and around the Valley.

Nicole is also a certified Crystal Therapist, energetically balancing body, mind and spirit throughy the use of Crystals, gemstones, and sound. She also owns a company called “NAAMala(gy)", where she creates Transformational jewelry combining the principles of Kabbalah, numerology & crystal therapy. The jewelry is to act as a reminder of one’s Light and to assist beings on their true path, while removing energetic blocks.

Nicole humbly bows at the Lotus Feet of her first gurus, her parents. Her deepest and heartfelt gratitude belong to her beloved teacher, Gurunam, whose loving, patient and consistent guidance , wisdom & support provides a beacon in her life.

Rachael Boontjer


RACHAEL is a devoted mother, wife, triathlete, and practitioner of yoga. She is an Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level, a Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and a Certified Reiki Healer. Rachael obtained her Diploma of Yoga through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She continues to deepen her practice and education through workshops and classes around the Valley. Rachael has been involved in dance and fitness since early childhood, using movement as a creative form of expression. In 1996, Rachael was introduced to Yoga, finding movement with meditation as a way of healing both the mind and body, and has been fascinated ever since; believing something magical happens when we learn to move with the rhythm of our own unique breath. Through yoga practice, we learn to breathe through discomfort, calm our minds, and reduce stress, allowing us to better prepare ourselves for life's ever-changing weather. Rachael believes Yoga is a journey to the heart, and finding truth within. She aspires to bring to each yoga class, a place of freedom, love, connection, and peace.

Shasta Heckendorf

SHASTA is a holistic healer, yoga teacher, nutrition coach, and hypnotherapist located in Chandler, Arizona. She received a degree in Transformational Psychology at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona with an emphasis on yoga, advanced yogic techniques, Thai massage, hypnotherapy, holistic nutrition, and other spiritual studies.


Her study and practice of the healing arts has been a beautiful journey of self love, finding inner strength, connection with spirit, and a tremendous source of healing. Her love of helping others has inspired her to teach. Her intention is to inspire self discovery in a calm and supportive environment, and allow the divine creative force to guide the way.
Shasta is passionate about love, life, education, transformation, and higher consciousness. She holds a vision for the future; to unearth The Missing Peace.

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Jeanne Edelen


I began the study of yoga in 2008 as a home practice with videos I had borrowed from the public library.  I was amazed how yoga improved everything in my daily life, from running endurance to patience.  I continued to further my practice and decided that I wanted to teach.  I have completed my 200 hour YTT at Spirit of Yoga- SWIHA and am currently pursuing my 500 hour certification.  I am also pursuing a certificate in Holistic Nutrition.


My classes are anywhere from fun and energetic to calming and relaxing.  I have an intuition to feel the energy in the room to be able to meet my students where they are at that moment.  I feel comfortable teaching in any situation from a gym setting, families and kids or even a devotional practice.  I use music in my classes as I feel this helps students stay in the present moment.  I incorporate the philosophy of yoga into my classes, teaching my students how to use yoga on the mat and off the mat.  I explain the importance of breathwork and how this is the first part of yoga, movement is second.






Joy Lynn Schroeder

Joy came to her yoga practice with a great deal of fear & skepticism as a result of of some residual spiritual beliefs that caused her to censure herself from experiencing so much of life & the world around her. Despite her reluctance, she accepted an invitation to explore a "flow' class with a friend. She was surprised to find that nothing she experienced that day  diminished her innate spiritual convictions &...that she really loved YOGA!


Her curiosity continued to draw her back to her mat again and again. As a devoted student at Inside The Bungalow Yoga Studio, Joy grew her physical practice & intellectual understanding of the science of yoga...while gaining something even more valuable...her ability to decide for herself!


The thought of becoming a yoga teacher seemed remote but the idea continued to surface ...A natural teacher & communicator...she finally decided to get over herself...&the limiting self talk she had let get in the way  for so long. Joy committed to teacher training in January 2012...with no other expectation but to expand & grow her own personal practice. She completed her 200 hour YTT with Carrie Hensley in June of 2012, & enthusiastically began teaching immediately! Recently, Joy successfully completed REwind Yoga teacher training which enables her to confidently teach yoga to special aging populations.


Before the ink was dry on her 200 hr certificate, Joy accepted an offer to become a business partner at Mula Yoga Therapy in Mesa, & in March of 2013 Joy became the sole owner of the studio, renaming it Mula Yoga Mesa, where she continued to teach a variety of classes, facilitate workshops, conduct retreats & assist others in connecting to their own rewarding yogic journey.


Providentially, Joy met Nicole Coyle in fall of 2013 & began talks to merge their studios. During this season of reflection, Joy realized that teaching Yoga as well as facilitating workshops incorporating art, yoga & community were her passion; so, it seemed perfect to let go of the ownership of Mula Yoga completely! She sold her entire interest & is living her true call as a teacher!


Joy practices an eclectic style of yoga inspired by ashtanga, anusara/ hatha traditions. She will always hold a special place in her heart for other "reluctant" yogis!






Nikki  has been practicing yoga for the past 5 years and teaching for the last 3 years. She attended the Inner Visions 200 hour TT program and has a specialty for prenatal yoga. In fact, she spent 18 years working as a midwives assistant and Doula.


She has assisted in over 50 hospital and home-births. Prenatal yoga has been a way for Nikki to stay connected to the blessings of pregnancy and birth.


Nikki is the owner of HA YOga & Life Studio in Tempe, AZ.  At Ha Yoga she offers private classes For labor and birth, and breast-feeding.  Nikki believes that a combination of asana, reading, and meditation is what can help provide freedom and a healthy life. She weaves authentic philosophy around around the world into her classes and encourages her students to practice yoga as a lifestyle.









My journey with yoga began more than a decade ago. I was instantly drawn to the peace that was cultivated within my mind and body. I became a dedicate student, attending as many classes as possible while balancing the needs of my growing family. I completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 in Hatha Yoga and obtained a Reiki Practitioner Certification later that same year.


Yoga is more than a form of exercise, it is the glue that binds my Body, Mind, and Spirit. I feel truly blessed to share yoga with you, my students, who are by far my greatest teachers.














Having come from a competitive sports background Taran fell in love with yoga when it for the first time gave her permission to just be still. Giving up her competitive nature she learned to feel whole and complete at any stage and stopped seeing life as a race but rather a finish line. She works to share that stillness with her students as she encourages them to join the practice of being perfectly content in the present moment while learning to tune into the connection of mind, body, breath, and spirit.


As a massage therapist she incorporates her knowledge of the body using yoga to offer long term relief of any pain or tension being held in the body.


Taran believes that through yoga all can attain true rest and peace not only from healing the body, but also by bringing that peace deeper into the soul.






Lisa holds a degree in biomedical science but is interested in alternative health and medicine.


In 2004 she received her 200hr yoga teaching certificate, along with interests in massage therapy, reiki and aromatherapy.  She recently enrolled in the 800 hr yoga program at SWIHA, where she is specializing in yoga nidra and urban farming. She is interested in learning all types of yoga. She will forever be a student, always learning.